How to acquire a Certificate of Occupancy in Lagos – Step by Step Procedure


The procedure for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) in Lagos, Nigeria shown in this article is the official process as described by the Lagos State Government in 15 steps.

  • The Applicant should purchase and submit the application pack to the Land Use Allocation Commission (LUAC) and collect an acknowledgement slip.
  • Day Applicants collect letter of offer of allocation
  • The Applicant should pay for the allocated land within 90 days.
  • A letter of confirmation is issued to the Applicant with a plot and block number.
  • The Scheme Officer processes the application for the C of O, signs off on the file and forwards the files to ES LUAC – 5 Days
  • The Surveyor General provides Scheme Officer with digitized survey – 2 Days
  • ES LUAC approves processing and signs letter of allocation. ES LUAC signs off on the file and sends the file to the Senior Special Assistant to His Excellency, Lands (SSA Lands) – 2 Days
  • The SSA, Lands vets the entire file and sends it with a covering memo to the Permanent Secretary Lands Bureau (PS Lands) – 2 Days
  • Should the file have a query,  the message is relayed back by notification
  • The PS, Lands signs off on the memo and sends the file to His Excellency – 2 Days
  • His Excellency approves file and electronically signs the C of O – 2 Days
  • Should the file has a query, message is relayed back by notification
  • Upon approval and signing of the C of O by His Excellency, He signs off and sends it to the Deputy Registrar for further processing – 2 Days
  • The Deputy Registrar processes the file further, signs off and sends it to Registrar of Titles for final registration – 2 Days
  • The Registrar of Titles registers the C of O, signs off and request for printing of C of O – 1 Day

This process adds up to a total of 21 days.


  • Formal Letter addressed to the Executive Secretary – Land Use and Allocation Committee, Block 13, Room 4, Lands Bureau, The Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja.
  • Standard Allocation Form with Receipt. Lekki Pennisula Schemes, Abijo Commercial and Industrial (Form for Prime Land); other areas (Form for General).
  • Four Passport Photographs with white background.
  • Evidence of payment of Income Tax.
  • Current Development Levy (In case of company, Evidence of payment of Income Tax of Two Directors and Development Levy).
  • Survey Plan
  • All payment receipts of Land Charges
  • Vital Information Form

Source: Lagos State Government (LASG)

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