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Lagos ranks high among upstart cities in new report

In a new report by global real estate consultancy firm Savills, Lagos has emerged as one of the upstart cities based on live/work accommodation costs for this year. The report which described Lagos as an emerging giant due to the increase in office space. Download Report

Market rebounds not in sight as 2016 leaves investors with sobering experience

For most investors in the various segments of the real estate market including residential, commercial, retail and office space, it has been a tale of woes as several factors have severly impacted the real estate marketRead More     

Vacancy rate rises 34% as commercial office space turns into tenant market

Policy uncertainty, soaring inflation as well as the notable dip in oil production due to pipeline vandalism in Niger-Delta region, which conspired to pose significant headwinds for the Nigeria economyRead More

Private sector operators faults govt on mass housing, seek easy access to land

In apparent demonstration of concern for the housing needs of the people, one government after another at both state and federal levels have tried but never succeeded in actually delivering mass or low cost housing to the peopleRead More

Why architects must be responsible for checking building collapse

The built environment recently witnessed building collapse in Uyo and Lagos, which  resulted  in loss of lives and resources, In this Interview with Bertram Nwannekanma, the 26th President of  Nigerian Institute of Architects and a Fellow of the Institute. Read More

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